Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Midnight skiing brings a 30km day

85:04.189S 79:59.400W

Just passed 85 deg Slowly getting there!

Hey, it's just after midnight (Yeah, well Punta Arenas time), and I have just completed my day's skiing. Obviously, it's still bright daylight here, the sun is two hours away from local midnight (for 79 deg W). 

Gee, was I proud of my set up tent, sleep and take a break strategy. The evening sun angle made visibility so much better and gave me a new record day's run: 30.1 km... Very sweet!

I'm 'camped' about 1 km from a large nunatak. A fitting campsite with a view, for a good day's work!

Now off to sleep... 3 hours, and then up again.... and it's Sunday!

Full blog at the end of skiing tomorrow.... 

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