Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 13! The first uneventful day... Rest!

84:48.644S 79:07.781W

27 km done today, 588km to go, and I'm at 1320 metres - another 1500m still to go up!

Today was an Amundsen day: All went according to plan! I'm definitely more of the Robert Falcon Scott type!  "She'll be alright, and if 'she' isn't 'we' will somehow make a plan to recover." Not that I could ever be compared to these amazing adventurers. December 14, it will be 100 years ago... That blows my mind to think how REALLY hard it must have been... No-one knew what to expect, as no one had ever been there... never mind the basic technology... Heroes!

It was good to have a 'quiet' day, even the weather responded: After the usual headwind, by mid morning it was dead still and blue sky, which all made for a relatively warm day.

Repaired pole is holding up, I'm thankful every day.

I did pass the crevasse field I was expecting... 'rung' after rung of 5m wide, snow bridged, crevasse that stretched for maybe 1km. I kept well clear, and didn't need to cross them.

Also saw another nunatak, so impressive, I was very close to making a 'tourist' detour, but decided best to venture on ahead. I think these were the tops of the Thiel mountains.

I'm having an early night tonight... Presume you are all out enjoying yourselves, so ok for me to head to bed?

Talk again tomorrow


  1. Hi Howard
    yesterdays description was quite dramatic, and it comes as a slight disapointment (from a drama point of view) that today was relatively easy(im sure not for you) Stil engrossed in following your blog and wishing you well for the 588km to go-
    Regards Martin

  2. Hi Howard,
    High drama might be good reading, but I'm sure we would prefer you were safe. Just thinking of you so far away and in such incredible conditions, makes me wonder if it's worth having the world in such a precarious state with Global Warming "All in the name of progress." love and best wishes, Anthea xxx

  3. Hello Howard

    Loving your daily updates you never cease to amaze me with your mental strength, and will to keep going no matter what, look forward to the next 3 weeks big hug Lindy xx

  4. Don't let Martin get to you. Your family is delighted that every once in a while you have easy day where all you have to do is face -25 cold, winds blowing in your face, pulling a sled 26 plus kilometers through snow and over ice always knowing the unexpected could happen at any time. Afraid to rest for any length of time because you get so cold it hurts and frostbite might set in so you can pitch a tent in winds at the end of the day and sleep to repeat the cycle for another 24 or so days.

    The drama is exciting but only because you lived to write about it.


  5. Easy day? Sheesh Howard you are far too humble! So glad that day 13 was 'uneventful' in your mind....for's all addictive reading before I head out to run in the crisp SoCal temps...balmy compared to yours. Enjoy your well deserved sleep. xx

  6. Howard, I much prefer reading about the "quiet" days!!

  7. Hi Howard,
    Enjoying your writings, well kind of! I tend to suffer with you, but thoroughly respect your mental endurance. I'd like some of that please - maybe when you're home and dry & have some to spare. It's a chilly day in the UK & I have a hot water bottle stuffed up my jumper. What a wimp! Thanks for your generous sharings and keep plodding on, we're all with you.

  8. Thanks Howard for the updates which I now look for each day! Fantastic stuff!

  9. Hi Howard,
    Uncomplicated can be good sometimes.. hope you have a great sleep and wake up refreshed and raring to go again. warm wishes.. patrick and brigitta

  10. quiet day....hmmmm...sounds like you are almost disappointed Howard.
    Seriously, we are really enjoying your blog.It makes me appreciate my home comforts so much more.
    Just keep yourself safe and know that we are thinking of you daily as we haul our mental sleds around.....take care, peter and pat

  11. Just to echo all these comments, Howard. A quiet day for you ain't the same for the mere mortals following every crunching step through the blog! Gripping!
    Graham, Siun and Ben

  12. Good to hear that you are at least pacing yourself even if your easy day would be a challenge we could not manage!

    I suppose it is still a waste of time to tell you top take it easy?


  13. Dear Howard, following every day closely and sending good vibes for your safe journey. Margie

  14. Hang in there Howard, Your good for this! Live your dreams!!!Enjoy the quiet times! Looking forward to more news

  15. Hey hey Howard,
    Well done on the mileage.Bit below what you hoped ,30kms/d.Compared to Ruth's team & Norwegian group,you are doing exceptionally well with conditions on the ground.Is the 30km/d unrealistic & will you have sufficient supplies at the current rate to get to the pole?If no have you started planning?Am sure you have done the numbers with your keen brain.Nice one on the pole.Like the story of the nunatak-is it part of the plan,part of the goal?Learnt that from the MASTER.Hope you well rested..Bloggers are getting good reaction from blog.Well done!Following you closely.Travel safe!

  16. Hi Howard,
    Isn't it funny how when not much happens it is like a gift! It is like that in my classroom as well. For the most part I like a bit of excitement and the unexpected, but an ocassional very routine day is also refreshing.

    We are adding two new posters to our South Pole bulletin board today. Kun has drawn a picture of a crevasse with a nunatak in the background. He also has included you peering into the blue crevasse. David has drawn a compass since we are happy that you have solved yur compass conundrum!
    Take care and keep your toes warm!
    From the BJHS ESL class.