Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 19: Another Amundsen one... That's nice!

86:07.645S 82:32.191W

Elevation: 1725 metres.

Yeah, crossed the 86th south parallel, three more then the big 90! Every day a new milestone for me: The furtherest south on the planet I have ever been! It's quite special as I imagine the globe and see myself 'upside down' walking to its southern-most point.

The other thing about crossing a line of latitude, I get to open one of Ruth's 'latitude cards' she made for me.... Small things, but they mean a lot out here.

To reward myself for achieving the milestone, I delved into my spare food stocks, and found two pieces of Josee's delicious lunch fruitcake: one for desert tonight, and one for breakfast in the morning. It should have been an extra whisky celebration, but stock is 'very tight'! (Not from excessive helpings, but rather, being heavy, it was always going to be a scarce resource!

Talking about scarce resources, my daily food ration is not quite enough... I eat every crumb, and am always scrounging around for 'hidden' spare. It's amazing how hungry I get, and my daily rations are very generous (vs some other expeditions).

Well, the GPS says: 29 kilometres reeled out today, in nine hours 'marching'. It was an 'Amundsen day', perfect according to plan, and perfect weather to complement. A light headwind in the beginning, dropped by lunch, and then almost 'hot' conditions. Blue sky and sun the whole day, no clothing layer changes, and no frozen hand problems. So much 'in the zone' time, and not much to report!

My foot was much better, but still not 100%.

After downloading all that philosophical stuff yesterday, today, was a 'private, mindless' on-the-ice, day!

I'll give you another day or two re the 'Purpose of Life' insight....

This morning was the 1st morning I slept through the alarm. Mainly due to a late Blog night... Haha, I do enjoy writing to you guys, but I'm taking an early night tonight. Give you a chance to hone those comments to yesterday's blog!



  1. Howard, glad to hear your foot is improving and that you have past halfway. I am thoroughly enjoying your journey and learning a few new words too. All the best for the second half! Regards, Jonathan

  2. Howard fantastic well done you are amazing. Re food how many calories do you think you are using a day and how many consuming
    Simon P

  3. Hi Howard,Been on an adventure of my own,looking at the end soon.Good to see rewards for great achievements,Ruth's card.Well done!Concerned about the food.Suppose biggest worries in life are the things that never happen.Go well from the Green Machine!.

  4. phew! some deep philosphical stuff yesterday Howard. Good of you to share it. Lots to debate when we next meet at the Empire cafe.
    I am trying to take it all in and can only say that your two journeys are incerdible...the physical and mental...thanks for sharing it with us. I hope your days are now plain sailing and look forward to your daily postings.
    take care...peter and pat

  5. Good going, keep the Penzance/Glenwood spirit moving and the body will be sure to follow: Goofball (Mike O'B)

  6. Hahahaha...Oh Howard!
    Thank the Gods there's gravity.
    Keep hanging in there!!
    Love & warm regards, MaryLou X
    (remember Azores&from Netherlands)

  7. Hi Howard
    Good to see the responses to your philosophical challenges, and to see how many people are following your journey. Also happy that you have partly solved your feet issue, which I'm sure was eating at you mentally. also good to see the connection with Ruth - must bouy up your spirits a lot. Keep up your mental reserves and wish you well with tomorrows trek.
    Regards Martin

  8. Hi Howard, you posed the question "What is the purpose of life" - this is a question most people have asked themselves. For me, there is a book called "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren - I highly recommend you read it - it certainly helped me. My prayers are with you boet! Stay safe and God Bless. Your friend Terry H