Saturday, November 19, 2011

This time we are really leaving!

It's 9pm Saturday night, and I just got a call and now its on for real. WE have to be ready in 20 mins to fly to take opportunity of a weather window in Antarctica.... I have to rush.....

This is my last Blog posting using the luxury of 'normal' internet connections. Once I land in Antarctica I'm restricted to satellite phone communications, and so things will be quite different.

If you are wanting the most up to date and 'instant' news from the ice, this maybe a good time to switch to following me on 'My Diary", which you can find at My daily position will appear on Google Earth on this site. The same info will be available on this blog, although there will be a slight delay in posting the daily reports. If thie delay isn't an issue for you, just continue tracking me on THIS blog. It's up to you...

Talk from Antarctica....

Hey ths is exciting!


  1. Hey Howard:
    Saw you arrived to a beautiful day! Great, Ros and I can feel the excitement. Get rested and charge your batteries.

    Bob and Ros

  2. Hi Howard, hope you are on the ice shelf by now and into the swing of things. hope all goes well.Martin

  3. Hey Howard,I am thinking of you mate...hopefully you are on your way to the pole and making good time.
    Peter and Pat

  4. Hi Howard,look forward to sharing your experience.Travel safe with a clear mind.