Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gee we came close..... But it's not going to be today!

It's now 1pm local Punta Arenas time, and we have been given the go ahead:  We should be flying by 5pm!

I had this typed out, but now it's 1 30pm and this has just happened:

I have just had another call to say the pilot has decided that they are not flying due to fog that is just moved in on the Antarctica coast near Union Glacier.  We won't be flying at all today... so it looks like last night was a karaoke rehearsal and tonight maybe the main show!

This is a bit frustrating and does feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride..... probably nothing like the ice road ahead, but still quite challenging!  

In the mean time I'll try my best to keep you entertained as you also wait for the main show on the ice! I hope to publish my views on Solo adventuring and why its so special for me.  Just in case you take a break, I'll make sure an email goes out to all of you a day before I start skiing..... I just hope that is still in 2011!!

Bye for now,



  1. Hey Howard:

    Enjoy tonight after last nights rehearsal. Trusting you will make it out tomorrow and begin to release some of the adrenalin and tension that has to be building. Keep warm,

    Bob Nideffer

  2. Hi Howard,
    The whole process is a wonderful example of buddhist "dukka" and "anicca". Things are always unsatisfactory at some level, and change is a given in life. How we deal with these two essential features of life, determines our happiness and to some extent the happiness of those around us.
    So keep singing Howard! Smile in the face of adversary and keep those enthusiasm levels high! Trust the intelligence of your alert and calm mind! Enjoy. patrick t.

  3. Hi Howard,
    Keep it focused,purpose & goal! What you taught me.
    Following you daily

  4. H,Good luck for the weather holding up for your departure today!Remember the words of Amundsen - "Victory awaits the man who has everything in order- luck ,we call it" Cheers mate - Tank