Monday, January 2, 2012

The finale: Ruth and I together again!

89:59.999S 00:16.0W

Still at the Pole!

At 17h15 yesterday, Richard, Ruth and Michael skied into camp, tired after another long day, and I ran out to hug Ruth and give her a unique kiss on her frozen face mask, her eyes hidden behind reflective ski goggles. I could 'hear' the tears in them through the emotion of her voice. We knew this was a special moment. Somehow, roles had been reversed. Having the benefit of my two days rest, I felt I had the capacity to help her through this emotional moment, both her huge personal achievement and then our unique South Pole reunion...

A few hours later we were enjoying a wonderful bonding dinner together, followed by an organised tour of the US South Pole station. From there is was 'a few' nightcaps all on our own in the ALE tent together, sharing our experiences in an intimate way that is only
possible by two romantically linked humans!

 And with that another adventure chapter closes, but I leave you with one last thought:

Last year this time (almost New Year's eve) I didn't know all the specifics of what adventures I'd be doing in 2011, including this one, but my 2011 life plan included continuing to stay challenged, inspired and living life to the limit of my physical and mental capabilities...

As it closes, 2011 has been another amazing one, the adventures have 'found me', but not by co-incidence, and I hope that in some small way following this South Pole Solo adventure of mine opens up your mind and readiness for amazing life adventures to 'find you' in 2012!

Adventures, to me, go way beyond the very physical, outdoor ones I have chosen. The spirit of adventure runs right through all our endeavours where we set challenging goals that take us outside our comfort zones towards our dreams and passions, and in the process require us to dig deep, experience joy, self fulfillment, and sharing with others, that all result in unselfish personal height! 

Be bold in taking those steps into your own unknown adventure....

All the VERY best for 2012!


  1. Good on yer both! I agree with your sentiments and know what it means to reach a difficult place and challenge and embrace and overcome them! And one needs special folk around to make it possible, necessary and enlightening! Go for it guys! Only one time and one chance!! Special greetings from us all. Graham, Siun and Ben

  2. Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey and your words of wisdom for all who travel on this earth. By encouraging our students and the people in our community, you have made a significant difference. Thank you. Susan

  3. A big hug to you and sound! And that was a unique kiss...very sweet!
    I have enjoyed your personal thoughts as well as the detailed march, Howard...I will now spend my day getting ready for the work week. Also, we finally got a little coating of the white stuff in Wisconsin, I missed it! Until we meet again! Sandy T.

  4. Hey Howard
    I hope that you have the good sense to propose marriage to Ruth!!!
    You'll never find a better place for the occasion or another like her...
    Cheers George

  5. What a special time for you both and what an amazing achievement for Ruth as well. She doesn't know us but give her our congratulations. with love Jeanette and Andrew

  6. Howard may your 2012 be filled with joy, health and happiness. Thank you for sharing your journey and inspirational thoughts.
    Greg Brooks

  7. An adventure ends in love story, wow, Howard &Ruth -there is a movie in this - Hollywood next?!

    All the best to you both, and all of the very best for 2012.
    Lynn x

  8. Hi Howard - we are enjoying a cappachino in the Olympia cafe, many thousands of miles from you but somehow the joy of your reunion with ruth pervuades are thoughts, we wish you both an amazing new type of adventure together in 2012 - happy new year and hope to see you in SA. Huge regardsm Regards Martin and Bev

  9. Dear Howard, What great comments today!! I reckon it could go like this...Your entry into the history books reaching the South Pole, your private chef cooking you salmon...(need to make it a REALLY BIG DEAL), resting and recuperating, getting the nest ready like the penguins (not rocks though, they'd be bit hard, looking longingly into the distance counting the hours, minutes and seconds until Ruth returns. "Ahhh!!! What is that distance shape I can see? It's coming closer...(thinking time, what will I say?)...(time lapses, seems like an eternity)...It's Ruth...Hugs, "a unique kiss on her frozen face mask, her eyes hidden by reflective ski goggles...Tears, emotion, joy, elation...Bonding over dinner and... Dearest Howard I knew Ruth was special to you when I saw the emotion and your eyes light up when you told us at the Snow Farm you'd talked to Ruth in London. All your events could be a book, a film, whatever...the world's your and best wishes, and tell Ruth you are both so lucky, Anthea Tomkins xxx

  10. Hi H.Please send our best wishes to Ruth on her major achievement. Good that you had been able to get some rest before she arrived to be able to give her the emotional support she needed. I fear that I may have missed something as to why there were only three in Richard's party when they arrived as I only registered that one had dropped out. Cheers T

  11. I am so happy for you and Ruth, your reunion and success at achieving this together, not just the incredible physical journey but also the inner and couple one.
    Sasha D.

  12. Congrats Howard and Ruth, looking forward to seeing you back at the Centre of the Universe. We all owe you for the inspiration. Muizenberg has been stunning. Gorgeous hot sunny weather. Warm sea. Come get some. Doug.

  13. Hi Howard,
    Amazing how strong all your senses are when meeting Ruth.Always great to help others.
    Thanks for sharing your personal special moments.
    Looks like you fulfilled you 2011 requirements or wishes.
    Thanks for you closing thoughts.Definitely now use & do the "adventure."
    Look for forward to our next meeting.All the best for 2012.

  14. Hi Howard

    Have just returned to Sydney from a three week overseas holiday and caught up with the last few blogs I had missed.......very inspirational. Very happy for both you and Ruth and all the best for 2012. Paul